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Scrum Master & Software Engineer, with studies in Computer Science both in Romania and Germany and a four years experience in Software Development. Constantly seeking inspiration in positive and open-minded people. Sports and travel enthusiast, always looking for new challenges and places to discover. Girls who code journey releases my desire of bringing closer the diverse sides of a tech-related career to young women and students. All this with guidance, mentorship and useful insights from real life examples in the IT industry.


Being an enthusiastic and self-motivated software engineer, Alexandra has been working in the field of Technology for almost 6 years. She is part of Paddy Power Betfair team for over 4 years, developing applications related to Gaming and Customer Accounts Management areas. Now she is a Delivery Manager in Gaming Tribe, line managing and coaching passionate engineers, delivering at the same time high quality products because she thinks that building a great product and building a great team go closely together. She would describe herself as a dreamer because where others see facts and figures, she sees symbols, metaphors and hidden meanings. Alexandra is happy to roam her mental landscape of thoughts, emotions and fantasies for hours on end, especially when she is cooking ^_^. She says that her greatest gift is her depth of sensitivity and empathy, which allows her to give voice to universal human emotions in a way that touches people


Liviu started his IT career back in 2008. He took any challenge with the purpose to learn more about the field, checking jobs as a developer, QA tester, business analyst, project manager or team lead. He is currently a Delivery Manager within Paddy Powe Betfair, looking for 2 multi-disciplinary and diverse teams. In his free time, Liviu is an aviation photographer, collaborating with the Romanian Air Force, Romanian Aeroclub, TAROM, and other aviation institutions in the country. Together with another two friends he is part of the Focus Aviation, a photographers team, oriented on promoting military aviation. Also, he is vice-president of Transilvania Spotters, the first association in Romania of its kind. Besides photography, he flies ultralight aircrafts and is passionate about skiing and 4×4.


Passionate about reading, especially philosophy and memoirs. Simona works in HR but she started thinking lately that she needs a new challenge. So now she wants to learn something completely out of her comfort zone and inspire other girls to try coding. Not only did she join Girls Who Code, but she wants to become one!


One of the reason that she wanted to be part of this wonderful crew is the fact that she is very eager to put her experience and knowledge to work in order to make this organization not only more visible, but also to help it grow and develop by gathering and recruiting a dedicated group of volunteers who share our passion and enthusiasm and are eager to join their forces in developing and promoting workshops and events. Being a volunteer is what she loves most. Started at a very young age, around 10, with Save the Children and she just fell in love with it- all of it. It’s like a wonderful drug that she just doesn’t to let go.  She is also an accredited trainer and has coordinated several teams at local and international level as part of her current and previous jobs and this experience shaped her and made her more aware of the people she workswith. Being a very sociable and communicative person, with a strong sense of responsibility, but also adaptable and joyful, helps her fit in easily to new scenarios and situations and to perform in the best possible way.


IT professional with 10+ years of global experience in various technical and management roles, Oana is passionate about building highly effective teams and creating the necessary environment for motivated tech professionals to thrive in. She is a firm believer that diversity is key to unlocking extraordinary potential and innovation and have joined the efforts of Girls Who Code Cluj in support of the mission to encourage and support diversity in the tech Romanian workforce. Personally,  Oana is an enthusiastic traveler, reader, basketball player, tennis fan, data nerd and a doer of good. She is passionate about bettering myself, sharing knowledge and she believes learning is a lifelong activity.

Our Mission: Bridging the Gender Gap in the Romanian IT Industry

Girls Who Code Romania was founded out of pure passion for programming on the 15th of February 2014 by Monica Muntean. Our mission is to bridge the gender gap in the Romanian IT Industry by growing the number of Romanian girls and women who will choose and develop or switch to a programming related career.  After Bucharest, Iasi and Timisoara, we will officialy launch the Girls Who Code – Cluj Chapter on April 10th!

We provide support to beginner and middle programmer females in order to perfect their coding skills through online and offline programs like workshops, online mentoring, conferences, presentations and meetups. At the same time, we create opportunities for the advanced females in order to develop their programming skills through hackathons, advanced workshops and involvement as mentors in our programs.

If you are an advanced programmer, female or male, and want to support girls and women in their process of learning and developing their programming skills, then you can join us as a Trainer here.


A very big thank you!